Gainesville District Leaders

  Gainesville District Leaders  


Superintendent Duane E. Gainey
Lady Audrey Mitchell Gainey






Former Gainesville District Leaders

              Supt. Emeritus Elder Willie J. McKnight, Sr.
and Lady Dora McKnight
Seventh (7th) District Leader

January 2015 to December 2018



      Superintendent Emeritus James Williams, Jr.
and Mother Cora L. Williams
Sixth (6th) District Leader

January 1970 through December 2014

(Mother Williams deceased March 2015)
      Superintendent Walter Camps
Fifth (5th) District Leader

COGBF National Evangelist
(Deceased December 2007)
      Superintendent Charles McKnight
Fourth (4th) District Leader

Pastor of Winter Haven COGBF
Winter Haven, Florida
      Superintendent Donison Henry
Third (3rd) District Leader
      Superintendent Ezra T. Taylor
Second (2nd) District Leader

(Served until his Demise in November 1955)
      Ruling Elder/Superintendent Griffin Kemp
First (1st) Gainesville District Leader